Sunday, 15 April 2012

Grace's Christening and a late tag!

This weekend we have been to Hampshire for my great niece Grace's Christening. It was a lovely day even though she screamed loudly during the service. She was quiet enough for me to have my picture taken with her wearing the Christening gown I had made her. It fitted really well considering I hadn't seen her and didn't  know what size she was and I was really flattered by the compliments I received from people.

My cuddle with Grace
 Home tonight with enough time to make my tag for this week's Tag Tuesday. The theme is Spring cleaning. I used a vintage advertisement for soap and finished it off with lace and a feather.


Dotty said...

Beautiful gown and a really sweet little girl:)

Dotty said...

Hello again!
I have nominated you for the "Leibster award"-it is a bit of fun. You can read about it here